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You can spend your vacation at Gjikondi Bed & Breakfast Inn and Rental Rooms which are built on the second floor of the Gjikondi Olive Oil production facility. It is located in the picturesque village of Qeparo, along the National Road Tirana-Saranda next to a little river crossing the road, by the site of the Ionian Coast of the Albanian Riviera.

There are 8 fully furnished with balconies and well-maintained rooms available in total, with all of them overlooking the grooves and mountains. Four of them overlook the Ionian Sea and the New Village of Qeparo and the other four, have a gorgeous view of the mountains and the Old Village of Qeparo. Each room has its own washroom and shower, and it accommodates four people.

There is a kitchen in only four of the rooms; however, all rooms have a refrigerator, TV, Free Wi-Fi, air conditioner, winter heating, beds with orthopedic mattresses, and white linens.

Breakfast includes all homemade and organic foods coming from our garden or locally sourced. Dinners can be prepared and served upon your requests.

There is ample parking space in the front of the building.

There are activities for all tastes and likes while staying in Qeparo!
You can hike to the touristic village of Old Qeparo which is frequented by many visitors throughout the year. You can also visit the historic Medieval Castle of Ali Pasha Tepelena, can have a little tour to the abandoned Naval base and submarine tunnel of Porto Palermo built under the communist era during Russian-Albanian alliance and latter Chinese-Albanian friendship, or simply enjoy a nice day at the beach by the Ionian Sea.

During your stay with us, do not miss the opportunity to taste and purchase the most delicious, our award-winning certified organic that is also sold abroad, Gjikondi-Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Virgin Olive Oil, directly from the factory.

For accommodations contact Nikolin at:
Cell: + 355 (0)69 228 2853 or Anastas +355 (0) 69 464 9700 (also available on WhatsApp)
Via email: at


Tour Guides of Our Production Facility

Have you always wondered how olive oil is made?
We are pleased to give guided group tours through our olive oil factory during production season and throughout the year as well. Tours are available for all tourists and other interested parties Monday to Sunday, from 9am-8pm during summer time and 9am-6pm during winter time. Tours will be available for groups of at least 10 people.
This will also be an excellent opportunity for our visitors to purchase our delicious, all organic, award-winning Gjikondi-Extra Virgin Olive Oil (it can be labeled and packaged on the spot, in your preferred type/size glass or tin container)


For your group event, please contact Nikolin at cell: +355 (0)69 228 2853 or Anastas at +355 (0) 69 464 9700 (also available on WhatsApp) or email at


The Gjikondi Factory is open and serves clients everyday, from Monday to Sunday, throughout the year from 9am-9pm (April-end of September) and 8am-8pm (beginning of October-end of March),except Sunday-Orthodox Easter, Christmas & New Year.