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The Company

Our production process: Equipment and Technology

The Gjikondi Company today operates with a modern PIERALISI assembly line, which has the capacity to process freshly harvested olives at a rate of 1800 – 2000kg per hour. This capacity has been able to fulfil the needs of the local population.
Our factory is located in the village of Qeparo, along the coast line of the Ionian Sea, and at the heart of the Albanian Riviera. This area holds a centuries-old tradition in the cultivation of olive trees and production of olive oil.

The factory covers a surface area of 1500 sq. meters (16,145 sq.ft.). It features a closed- concept assembly line; from the collection and washing of the hand-picked olives, to the pressing, storing and final packaging of our fresh, great tasting Gjikondi Olive Oil. 

Our processing method ensures that all the flavour, nutritional values and health benefits of our oil are carefully preserved for your enjoyment. This is achieved by using the Oxygen-Free-Malaxer method, which protects the olive paste from any exposure to air during processing. This makes it possible to obtain the freshest, Premium quality Extra Virgin oil, which is then ready to be packaged and labelled.

Our modern production line covers an area of about 300-350 sq. meters (3200- 3700 sq.ft.) and the product is stored in stainless steel, food-grade storage tanks which have a volume capacity of 100 tonnes (116,279 Liters). The final product goes through rigorous quality checks and testing done in a mini laboratory; it is then transferred to the filling/ packaging line.
Our production process will remain uninterrupted even in the event of a blackout as there is an electricity generator on site.

Our most recent, more powerful assembly line was installed in 2014, whereas the facility itself underwent major renovation in 2007.