Al. Callers: 069 228 2853 / Int.Callers: +1 416 569 4574


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Is located in Qeparo-Vlore next to a little river, alongside the National Road of Tirana-Saranda, by the Ionian Coast in the Albanian RIVIERA
Cell: +1 416 569 4574

For International Sales / Export & related matters including any other services in English pertaining Factory tours, Bed & Breakfast Inn and Rental Rooms accommodation call Bianka on Cell: +1 416 569 4574 (also available on Viber, and WhatsApp) or skype her at bianka.gjikondi and/or email at

Hours of operation:
8am-9pm, every day of the week from Monday to Sunday, throughout the year except of Sunday-Orthodox Easter, Christmas & New Year. During the summer months, we can serve up until 10pm.