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The Product

The raw, first ingredient of our product are olives harvested and gathered from family-owned small farms in the village of Qeparo and other surrounding villages.

These olives come from trees that grow in a natural, completely organic habitat – with absolutely no use of any chemicals or pesticides. The olive fruits are carefully harvested and picked by hand, without causing any damage to the olive trees or the fruit.

We receive the olives in our factory in one of two ways: Farmers who bring their olive harvest for their own private profit or by our company which then produces olive oil for our domestic and international market.
In either case, processing occurs within 5 to 6 hours of receiving the olives, which results in a high quality product.
The oil extraction process is simply by mechanical means: pressing or by centrifugation at low temperatures less than 27°C (T<27°C) and without any use of solvents (which is unlike common practices in other vegetable oil productions).

The freshly-pressed oil is contained in large stainless steel food-grade tanks, protected from light, temperature fluctuations and air. It is these carefully maintained environmental conditions that guarantee the preserving of the exceptional qualities of our oil.


Our production, storing and bottling processes take place in ISO 9001 Certified facilities, under rigorous hygienic conditions, and strict compliance with HACCP principles. The mechanical cold-pressing is done using the latest PIERALIS line of production technology.

We also provide custom packaging and labelling, following any client-specific requests: metallic tin containers, plastic containers or green glass bottles of various sizes.

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